Patricia S. Demoraes (perselus) wrote in federicofellini,
Patricia S. Demoraes

Il Casanova di Fellini

Hello, I'm new to the community.

Anyone know where I can find the DVD for Casanova? I'm in the US, and I know there's the UK version, with 2 DVDs and Donald Sutherland's 46 mins interview. I am desperate to get the DVD, in region 1 or one that plays all regions.

I've been sending emails to every place I can think of, so I figured that if enough people do that, maybe one of the distributers will be interested in releasing it to the US.

So far I tried emailing The Criterion Collection:
NoShame Films:
NewYorker Films:

So if anyone has a suggestion of other places I can email to request this movie, and if any of you would please email them, too, I think it's the least we can do to get this movie released in DVD. I don't care what anyone says, I love the movie, and it's Fellini after all. I think all his movies should be available.
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