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Because He Doesn't Know How to Love ... Dialogue from 8 1/2

I'm new to this community. Actually, I'm new to Federico Fellini films. But now I'm completely addicted. La Dolce Vita reeled me in. I'm amazed at how much Fellini films are like good literature. Are there films made anymore with this depth of thought? Like life, Fellini leaves you with more questions than answers, but certainly you can't help but have the films emblazoned on your brain after viewing them. Because I enjoyed the dialogue so much and it relates a lot to a relationship I was just in, I wrote down some of the dialogue from the scenes in 8 1/2 that really got to me.

GUIDO: Could you leave everything behind and start from zero again? Pick one thing, and one only, and be absolutely devoted to it? Make it the reason for your existence, the thing that contains everything, that becomes everything, because your dedication to it makes it last forever? Could you? ...
CLAUDIA: ...And what about you? Could you?
GUIDO: ... No, this guy here, he couldn't. He wants to grab everything, can't give up a single thing. He changes his mind every day, because he's afraid he might miss the right path. And he's slowly bleeding to death.... Then one day he meets the girl of the spring. She's one of those girls that distributes the healing water, she's beautiful, young and ancient, a child and a woman already, authentic and radiant. There's no doubt she's his salvation. You'll be dressed in white and your hair will be long, just the way you wear it.
CLAUDIA: ...A guy like your character, who doesn't love anybody, is not very sympathetic you know. It's his fault. What does he expect?
GUIDO: ... You think I don't know that? ...
CLAUDIA: ...I don't understand. He meets a girl that can give him a new life and he pushes her away?
GUIDO: Because he no longer believes in it.
CLAUDIA: Because he doesn't know how to love.
GUIDO: Because it isn't true that a woman can change a man.
CLAUDIA: Because he doesn't know how to love.
GUIDO: And above all because I don't feel like telling another pile of lies.
CLAUDIA: Because he doesn't know how to love.

PRODUCER: Our true mission is ... sweeping away the thousands of miscarriages that everyday ... obscenely ..., try to come to the light. And you would actually dare leave behind you a whole film, like a cripple who leaves behind his crooked footprint.
GUIDO: Such a monstrous presumption to think that others could benefit from the squalid catalogue of your mistakes!
PRODUCER: And how do you benefit from stringing together the tattered pieces of your life? Your vague memories, the faces of people that you were never able to love ...
GUIDO: ... Everything is confused again as it was before. But the confusion is .. me. Not as I'd like to be, but as I am. I'm not afraid anymore of telling the truth, of the things I don't know, what I'm looking for and haven't found. This is the only way I can feel alive and look into your eyes without shame. Life is a celebration. Let's live it together! ... Accept me for what I am, if you want me. It's the only way we might be able to find each other.

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